Major Ear problems Faced by Everyone in their Entire Lifetime

Major Ear problems Faced by Everyone in their Entire Lifetime

Every now and then we all suffer from various ailments of the body. The auricle plays the very vital role of maintaining body balance and listening to various sounds.  It can also face much kind of aliments. So, in today’s blog we will have a close insight to the various ear problems. Often we all suffer from cold & FLU, fever, nasal & throat infection and much more. The discomfort or pain may be caused by various reasons. Every age group may suffer from it however; children suffer more due to lack of immunity.
Well the most common ailments that one face are as follows-
Girl has a sore ear
Otitis media with effusion– Normally this very condition appears as the Eustachian tube in the middle ear gets clogged up due to lack of air ventilation. The air normally passes from behind the nose, through the Eustachian tube, keeping the middle ear clean and dry. When there is a lack of fresh air ventilating the middle ear, the Eustachian tube is clogged or blocked up and soon the area becomes stagnant, damp, and warm, a perfect reproduction ground for germs. So as this gets filled up with liquid it causes severe earache and pure discomfort. This very condition is known as middle ear infection or Otitis media with effusion.

Swimmer’s ear– One who swims a lot can get affected from this very condition. Even others can get it too. It happens because of fungal growth inside the ear canal. This condition happens, as and when small derbies, dirt, water and sand that irritate the delicate skin in the ear canal. Other things that can irritate the ear canal which includes a lot of ear cleaning, hearing aids, and eczema of the ear canal. It happens more to people who have hairy or narrow ear canal.

Barotraumas of the ear– This air space connecting to the back of the nose through a small tube is called as the Eustachian tube. Each side of the eardrum should remain at same pressure for the eardrum to function and vibrate normally. When the air pressure rises quickly at the outside it starts pushing the eardrum inwards that can be painful. The tensed eardrum fails to vibrate normally and causes dulled hearing. If the pressure inside the middle ear is not equalized swiftly then one may get ear pain that  is known as Barotraumas of the ear.

So these are the many ear problems which one suffers through his entire lifetime. Proper care and medication & non-medicated method can heal the ear and adding relief to the person suffering from it

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