The Reason of Glue Ear Sympotom In Young Children

The Reason of Glue Ear Sympotom In Young Children

One of the common cause of impaired hearing in small children is the glue ear and it also known as secretory otitis media (SOM) or otitis media with effusion (OME). It happens because of the middle ear inflammation with thick yellow effusion caused by long-standing eustachian tube obstruction.The human ear is divided into three parts  the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear. Function of the ear is systematic as whenever sound waves enters the ear and hits the eardrum, vibration happens. The middle ear which is behind the eardrum has three tiny bones, called the malleus, incus and stapes transmit the vibrations to the cochlea or inner area.

Such sound signals go down the ear nerve with the brain processing the information and we do hear. The middle ear is connected with back of the nose called Eustachian tube and this area normally remain closed. Eustachian tube only opens when one yawns or swallows to allow equalization of middle ear pressure. If this tube becomes blocked or swollen a vaccum of air builds up in middle ear. The ear drum is sucked into the middle ear due vaccum and fluid fills in middle ear due to blockage of eustachin tube. At first the liquid is thin and watery but after a few weeks it can become thick and glue like.The philosophy of treating Glue ear is to equalize the vaccum of the middle ear. The non surgical treatement of equalizing vaccum is to use auto inflation technique with Otovent and that is to inflate a balloon through the nose. This procedure produces a hyper pressure in the nasal pharings which opens the blocked Eustachian tube and equalizes the negative pressure in the middle ear. As vaccum is equalizes with time the effusion will drain through Eustachian tube and hearing is normalized.

Parents should use this procedure of inflating a balloon first as a demo so that the child feels safe and secured to use it. The first use of the balloon might make a sound of click in the ear of the child. If this procedure is done for regularly for 2-3 weeks, three times a day the hearing will be normal once again in your child ear. Studies show approximately 70% of all children will have had eppisodes of Glue Ear by the age of four years. It is much more common among children under eight than other people. Adults are much less likely to develop the condition because their Eustachian tube is bigger and less horizontal than a child’s. So to clear up the middle ear glue use of Otovent is the safest procedure as it might helps a child to avoid risk of grommet surgery. [Ask your doctor about Otovent Method and Glue ear if your child is not hearing properly.]

The ear drum is sucked into the middle ear due vaccum and glue like fluid fills in middle ear due to blockage of eustachin tube.

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